Non-drug Treatment

Non-drug treatment of Orthostatic hypotension

With thanks to Professor Chris Mathias, Imperial College London


  • hypovolaemia
  • anaemia


  • drugs likely to lower blood pressure
  • standing up quickly
  • straining at stool
  • hot baths
  • large meals – especially refined carbohydrate rich food
  • excessive alcohol
  • prolonged standing
  • severe exertion


  • Head-up sleeping – raise the head of the bed by 10º
  • small frequent meals
  • increased salt intake
  • judicious exercise
  • counter physical manoeuvres


  • Compression stockings
  • abdominal binders
  • anti-gravity suit if very symptomatic and all else fails
  • oral water ingestion – 400 mls significantly increases BP in autonomic failure